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Today’s geotechnical engineers face a range of challenges – especially when it comes to design. Not only are major resource projects being developed where ground conditions are unknown or undocumented, but extreme weather and natural disasters are putting our structures – and especially their foundations – to the test more often than ever before.

As engineering gets more complicated, the technology we use to test samples must follow. At Coffey, we provide our clients with deep insights into the properties of the materials they’re dealing with. 

We apply the latest techniques in specialised testing and analysis services, using international best practice and conformance standards to achieve detailed, quality results.

Our clients choose us for our integrated solutions and ability to effectively mobilise resources for major projects. This includes assembling a trained workforce anywhere, anytime.

Conveniently located

On-site or remote laboratory services improve accessibility and deliver timely results. We have permanent and site specific laboratory testing facilities operating in some of the most remote locations. Our experience ensures we deliver results in the optimum timeframe, even on the most challenging construction projects.

We have an extensive industry accredited laboratory network in Australia and New Zealand.

Efficient testing laboratories

We’re committed to continuous improvement through investment in the latest equipment and methodologies to ensure consistent results, provided in the shortest time frames.

Significant investment in NATA accredited laboratories has produced some of Australia’s leading LEAN designed, testing facilities.  By continuously investing in technology and resources, we ensure modern and advanced laboratories deliver high quality outcomes for our clients.

Our soil testing equipment uses automation and remote monitoring technology to monitor the test progress to enhance our test turnaround time. Equipped with 24-hour remote access to equipment, our technicians are able to control tests continuously overnight and on weekends. This allows us to get results to you as soon as possible.

Our software provides an interface between ours and our clients’ systems. Its features include:

  • Faster and more accurate interchanges of information
  • Reduced cost, reduced rework and reduced delays
  • Improved NATA and IANZ compliance ensuring reduced cost overruns and reduced costs associated with remediation
  • Compliance improvements resulting in substantial risk reduction for our client’s insurance costs

Speciality testing services to suit your project

We provide a series of testing services to match your project or operational requirments.