Client name: Vale S.A.

Duration: Operating since 2011

Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Coffey delivered Vale’s Centre for Advanced Visualisation in Virtual Reality which continues to provide increased transparency for investors, communities, government and the media.


The Vale Ferrous board invested in a Centre for Advanced Visualisation in Virtual Reality. Designed to support integrated management of its mines, mineral exploration projects, mine planning, geotechnical projects, and the continuous improvement of the health and safety of its employees, this immersive, interactive and collaborative solutions is second to none.


We combined our expertise in mining and geo-technology systems with our virtual reality (VR) and GIS solutions to set up the virtual reality environment. At the same time we developed several projects which could later be presented in the new virtual environment.

The services provided included

  • Specification and installation of VR infrastructure, hardware and software
  • Generation of 3D Master Plans for 40 mines
  • VR modeling of detailed engineering projects
  • 3D scanning (object and data) to generate source data for VR modelling
  • Preparation of immersive training programs to maximise use of VR tools


Using this technology provides Vale with the opportunity for continuous improvement in their operations and planning activities, including optimisation of geological and geotechnical studies.

They have increased accuracy and efficiency in acquisition, planning and execution of mineral exploration activities and permitting.

They are also able to integrate mine planning and support for expansion projects with mine closure planning and activities to improve sustainability.