Client name: New Zealand Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Project name: Vanuatu Cyclone Recovery and Economic Strengthening Programme: Essential Curriculum Materials and Equipment Replacement for Schools

Duration: 2015 - 2016

Location: Vanuatu

The Vanuatu Cyclone Recovery and Economic Strengthening Programme worked to worked to replace essential teaching and learning materials that were lost in Tropical Cyclone Pam in 2015. Coffey was proud to manage the Essential Curriculum Materials and Equipment Replacement for Schools component of the New Zealand Government’s Vanuatu Cyclone Recovery and Economic Strengthening Programme. As a rapid response support activity, Coffey assisted in supporting the children of Vanuatu to continue their education without long-term disruption.


On 6 March 2015 the Pacific was hit by Tropical Cyclone Pam, regarded as the worst cyclone in the history of Vanuatu. The Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and New Zealand were also affected, with an estimated 15 deaths in Vanuatu and an estimated 3,300 people displaced. Thousands of homes, schools, health facilities and other vital infrastructure were damaged or destroyed.


To support Vanuatu’s recovery, the New Zealand Government funded the Vanuatu Cyclone Recovery and Economic Strengthening Programme. Within the Programme, Coffey managed the essential curriculum materials and equipment replacement for schools project. We identified, reproduced and reformatted the lost learning materials, in both English and French, and distributed new essential learning materials to primary and secondary schools in cyclone-affected parts of Vanuatu.

This required checking, reformatting and printing thousands of pages for essential textbooks. Overall 54 primary textbooks and resources and 175 secondary books went through a detailed checking and improvement process.


By the end of the project 318 primary essential packages were distributed to 194 primary schools and 351 early/middle secondary school essential packages were distributed to 72 secondary schools across the country. The Programme supplied electronic individual files of each of the essential teaching and learning packages were delivered on portable memory sticks providing flexibility for schools and Provincial Education Offices and Zone Curriculum Advisers to print resources when needed.