Managing the development of new retail property projects and the refurbishment of existing retail facilities – engaging key stakeholders, managing occupational health and safety, gaining approvals and where necessary ensuring continued profitable operation.

Queen Victoria Building refurbishment

Project: Queen Victoria Building Refurbishment

Client: Ipoh

Location: Sydney, Australia

Chatswood Chase Redevelopment

Project: Chatswood Chase Redevelopment

Client: Colonial First State (now Vicinity)

Location: Sydney, Australia

Chadstone Shopping Centre

Project: Chadstone Shopping Centre

Client: Colonial First State (now Vicinity)

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Accra Mall 191x191

Project: Accra Mall Shopping Centre

Client: Actis

Location: Accra, Ghana


Marina Bay Sands 191x191

Project: Marina Bay Sands

Client: Marina Bay Sands

Location: Singapore