Client name: Department of Defence – Estate and Infrastructure Group

Duration: May 2015 - August 2016

Location: RAAF Base Williamtown, NSW, Australia

Total project value: Part of the $1.47 Billion for R8000

Design challenges were overcome through the delivery to provide a dedicated information systems centre for secure and operational functions in support of aircraft deployment.

Close collaboration with all stakeholders delivered this complex facility

The Off Board Information Systems Centre (OBISC) will support the deployment of 72 new Joint Strike Fighter F-35A aircraft scheduled for delivery in 2018. The OBISC is the first facility to be handed over to the Commonwealth in support of the Joint Strike Fighter.  Several complexities in the construction were overcome to deliver a secure facility that will facilitate through-life support for the platform.

Several post design Defence policy changes led to procurement compression of several key trades. Working closely with the client, our team achieved all project objectives for the Commonwealth to occupy and undertake their stand-up works. 

Maintaining a secure facility throughout construction

In order to ensure that there were no issues during this complex project we worked closely with the client and Commonwealth security advisors to ensure all aspects of the facility were controlled during construction.

Due to the nature of the end use of this facility, it was required to remain secure throughout construction. Strict personnel and equipment access controls were in place throughout the delivery.

The facility was accredited as a secure environment in coordination with the Commonwealth Occupation of the facility.

Overcoming shifting objectives mid project

Due to the secure nature of the project Defence were required to change policy post design, meaning that the ultimate requirements for the project altered.

In order to ensure that all the Commonwealth objectives were met our team worked closely with the Managing Contractor to review sequencing and maintain progress across effected trades. 

Ultimately, despite the shift in objectives, the facility was occupied in time meeting the client’s objectives.