Client name: Mana Mineral SA

Duration: 2009 – 2011; 2014

Location: Near Ouona, Burkina Faso

Coffey’s approach to executing auger drilling programs is very effective. Our rigs cover vast areas of land within a short space of time, resulting in significant cost savings.  

Geochemical trend analysis to expand geological potential of gold mine

Mana Mineral SA is operated by Semafo Inc. which is listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange (TSX) (SMF: TSX).

With gold production and exploration activities in Burkina Faso Mana Minerals sought to identify geochemical anomaly trends to expand its geological potential.

Our task was to undertake a shallow auger drilling program, and collect samples for geochemical analysis in order to define targets for deep reverse circulation drilling.

Mechanised auger drilling and bottle-roll method lab analysis

We undertook a regional exploration program covering large areas of difficult, rugged terrain using mechanised auger drilling as a first pass geochemical investigation over the Sahel cover.

This was a large scale exploration drilling program over several licence areas. Our auger rigs completed 100,000+ metres of drilling, and we collected samples at the overburden-saprolite interface and in the underlying saprolite zone for laboratory analysis using the bottle-roll method.

Cost-effective and rapid drilling uncovered new gold anomalous trends 

New gold anomalous trends were identified over geologically favourable areas. The South Trends Complex is characterized by series of gold trends throughout a large area. Of these, the Fofina, Yaho, and Fobiri zones all demonstrate clear auger anomalies associated with the mineralisation. In fact Reverse-Circulation (“RC”), Air Core (“AC”) and core drilling were carried out on the three zones discovered in 2010 and early 2011 (Fofina, Fobiri, and Yaho) as a follow-up to the auger drilling program.