Client name: Government of Kenya, through the Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) 

Project name: Master Delivery Partner 2 for the Konza Techno City

Duration: 2014 – 2019

Location: Kenya


Coffey’s parent company, Tetra Tech, is helping Kenya create a 5,000-acre technopolis, supporting the country as it grows into a globally competitive, prosperous nation. The Government of Kenya, through the Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) selected Tetra Tech as the Master Delivery Partner 2 for the Konza Techno City project.

Tetra Tech is providing program management, architecture-engineering services, and capacity building to support KoTDA with the implementation of the project’s first phase. Tetra Tech is leading a team of global and Kenyan firms to oversee design and construct high-quality roads, parks, and utilities to ensure effective city operations and administrative foundation.

As the Master Development Partner, Tetra Tech’s role in our project is to advise and guide us in the development of the city. They are quite valuable to us in that they are providing us the experience and capability to realize the dream that we have in building a techno city. We’ve overcome many challenges together, and I’m excited about the new targets we are setting. 

John Tanui, CEO of KoTDA


Located 60 kilometers southeast of Nairobi, Konza will be a sustainable, world-class technology hub; major economic driver for the nation; and home to a vibrant mix of businesses, workers, residents, and urban amenities. The plan envisions urban densities, walkable neighborhoods, access to parks and recreation, transit-oriented development, varied retail and restaurants options, and a full spectrum of housing choices. Konza will also host data centers, technology and life science facilities, commercial office space, hotels, convention centers, educational institutions, and community support services.

As the lead engineering firm for this project, Tetra Tech will provide project oversight throughout the project to help Konza become a green, sustainable, smart, vibrant, and inclusive African technology city. To meet the city’s goals, Tetra Tech is working on the strategic vision and master plan; technical and managerial services for development implementation; organizational development and institutional capacity building; sustainable infrastructure and civic domain; economic, public-private partnerships, and community livelihood; and a successful branding and marketing campaign. In addition, throughout Phase 1 we are providing risk management, financial planning and management, scheduling, project controls, and technical and design guidelines.

Konza seeks to attract information and communication technology businesses, bioscience companies, commercial and residential developers, and research universities, as well as residents and families to create a diverse community that will enhance economic development and vitality. In collaboration with its Kenyan partners, Tetra Tech is assisting with specialized marketing and communications services to attract high-quality commercial investors and prospective tenants. Monitoring will also include utility services for efficient operations.

As a smart city, Konza will gather data from smart devices and sensors that are embedded around the city scape (i.e., roadways and buildings). The Tetra Tech team will provide the design guidelines that will allow for smart data to be implemented throughout the infrastructure system. Software will analyze the stored data via a smart communications system. This real-time information will help improve amenities such as roadway sensors that monitor pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles, allowing traffic lights to adjust to commuters as necessary.


Konza is expected to help Kenya achieve middle-income status by 2030, growing into a community of more than 200,000, attracting 17,000 direct jobs, and generating $1.3 billion in gross regional product.