Health sector experience

Access to quality health care can change lives. Effective health systems increase survival rates, improve quality of life and facilitate greater workforce participation. Health services that are accessible to all and meet people’s needs play a crucial role in sustainable development.

Our international development team have worked with governments and communities across Asia Pacific to improve access and quality of health systems and care. 

We've built financial and workforce planning management capabilities into local health service systems to support local requirements and we work with closely with health agencies to build the skills of their professionals to ensure they are better equipped to deal with the daily issues experienced in their communities.

Our experience in working with local agencies to develop governance and anti-corruption frameworks for the effective management of national, local and donor health resources ensures health services are delivered where they’re needed most. We apply rigorous monitoring and evaluation to all of our health projects, so that our clients understand the impact of their programs and support better decision making. 

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