Project name: Integration of spatial mine closure data in GIS platform

Client name: Vale

Duration: 6 months, 2015

Location: Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Coffey’s geospatial data management solution reduces time and costs – and increases the reliability of information associated with mine closure planning and reporting.


Upon completion of their mine closure planning process, Vale identified a large amount of information had been produced in multiple formats, making it difficult to analyse and share – increasing associated time and costs.


Working with Vale, we collated the data from several areas. We used a methodology that converted and integrated the information into a GIS environment. This would result in a more organised system for retrieval of information, analysis and reporting.


As a result, work processes were improved through automated reporting and graphical representations, reducing analysis times.

Costs were also reduced as the duplication of information was removed, which in turn improved data reliability.


“Coffey’s mine closure data integration and products standardisation is bringing positive results for Vale Management. Data integration is providing greater speed in servicing our different internal stakeholders, and ensures high quality delivery.

In addition, using the Geographic Information System puts us in total alignment with what is being implemented with the Planning and Development Ferrous Board.”

Manager Projects, Vale.