Client name: IAG New Zealand Limited

Duration: 2012 - 2015

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Coffey was instrumental in disaster recovery from the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence that damaged over 172,000 homes – delivering over 1,000 individual geotechnical reports in 12 months while maintaining our high standard of quality. 

Investigations and geotechnical reporting of soil liquefaction and lateral spreading

IAG was faced with several thousand residential properties that were damaged due to the earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 that caused soil liquefaction settlement and lateral spreading in the Christchurch vicinity. 

Program delivery and limiting future risk was top priority for IAG and the insured homeowner.

The client needed site investigations and geotechnical reporting, which included property damage assessment, subsurface soil sampling and testing and geotechnical reporting with an extremely fast turnaround.

Innovating bundled approach to streamline delivery

Coffey broke out of the standard geotechnical investigation and reporting mode and created a new bundled project approach to streamline delivery.  Cooperation with homeowners for site investigations was critical as many of the properties were still occupied.  To ensure an acceptable level of risk, our team implemented strategic quality checks that ensured there were no road blocks in the system.

IAG were kept informed of the ongoing project status via weekly communications.  This allowed IAG to provide “Just-In-Time” allocation of sites to keep a steady flow of geotechnical work stream and enabled us to adjust quickly to IAG’s dynamic priority needs.

Exceedance of programme delivery

Coffey performed site investigations and geotechnical reporting for over 1000 properties.

The project contract deliverable was 18.5 reports per week.  At the peak of the project, Coffey was delivering over 25 geotechnical reports a week to match the program construction delivery needs – ensuring that the IAG policy holders were able to process their claims and future risk was managed for homeowners and IAG

“Coffey did an excellent job of exceeding the program delivery when called to do so.”

Murray James, General Manager
IAG New Zealand Limited, 2014