Client name: UK Department for International Development (DFID)

Duration: 2010 – 2014

Location: Global

Coffey is evaluating DFID’s Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF) and the Programme Partnership Arrangements (PPAs) to help inform future DFID policy and funding decisions regarding support to civil society. 


The GPAF and PPAs will provide £480 million to approximately 225 civil society organisations (CSOs) between 2011 and 2015 with the aim of contributing to DFID’s goal of alleviating poverty and promoting peace, stability and good governance.

While both funds support CSOs, they do so in different ways. The GPAF provides restricted, project-based funding while the PPA provides entirely unrestricted funding.

Coffey is leading an evaluation to assess the performance of both the individual CSOs receiving the funding and the GPAF and PPA funding mechanisms themselves.


Improve monitoring and evaluation systems – Coffey worked with funding grantees to improve their internal monitoring and evaluation systems and tools to measure the impact and value for money of their work. This will help them gather data on costs and benefits of their work and to learn lessons to improve results in the future. These grantees range from small NGOs to large international organisations.

Measure impact of funding – The evaluation is also assessing the performance of the GPAF and PPA mechanisms. The evaluation will offer DFID a better understanding of the mechanisms’ effectiveness in contributing to poverty alleviation and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals.

It will help answer key questions, such as how many people are being reached through the GPAF and the PPA and how their lives are being changed, to what extent CSO interventions are sustainable and what types of organisations provide the best value for money.

Test the rationale for supporting CSOs – Additionally, the evaluation will test DFID’s underlying rationale for funding civil society organisations, and for doing so through channels such as the GPAF and the PPA.


Enable future policy and funding decisions – Evaluation findings will help to inform policy and programming decisions by providing evidence on important issues, including: the extent to which CSOs reach the poorest and most marginalised; the necessary pre-requisites for interventions to be effective; the effect of funding modalities on the performance and behaviour of grantees and how can this be leveraged to maximise value for money.

The results of the evaluation will inform future DFID policy and funding decisions regarding support to civil society organisations as a means for contributing to development goals and good governance.