Client name: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

Duration: 2012 - 2016

Location: Asia Pacific, Papua New Guinea 

Coffey managed the Economic and Public Sector Program for Papua New Guinea, on behalf of the Australian Government. The program applied innovative solutions to tackle development challenges.


Papua New Guinea is rich in resources, but still has high levels of people living in poverty. Creating a vibrant economy and equitable society to improve the quality of life for children, women and men is an ongoing challenge.

Debate and discussion of issues are widely accepted as a cultural norm in Papua New Guinea. But making sure they are held at decision-maker level and heard among the broader population in order to influence lasting change is vital.

With a long and close working relationship, the Australian and Papua New Guinean governments are committed towards the goal of development for PNG. Tanim Graun – a televised development debate – is one example of that partnership.


Tanim Graun, or ‘turn the earth’, is a question and answer style television program exploring topical and timely issues dealing with development challenges in PNG. The program canvasses a range of topics and views through discussion and debate.

Guests from politics, media and business answer questions posed by members of the public, providing an opportunity for a collective voice for PNG citizens

An extensive amount of research and consultation goes into selecting themes for Tanim Graun to ensure that they resonate with and engage the public. Recent topics have included:

PNG’s Youth Entrepreneurs - the role that young entrepreneurs are playing in contributing to the development of PNG, both economically and socially along with the barriers and constraints that entrepreneurs face when starting and operating businesses in PNG.

Improving Government revenue transparency - the need for effective and transparent revenue management policies and processes to support PNG’s economic development.

Is tourism the future? - looking beyond the resources boom and the possibility of building a sustainable tourism industry in PNG that delivers economic benefits as widely as possible.

Overcoming housing affordability - the challenges of urban and rural housing in PNG and how these might be overcome. 


Tanim Graun airs on EMTV during prime viewing time each Sunday, and attracts an audience of two million people, or around a third of PNG’s population.

The program is achieving excellent community engagement, and is succeeding in connecting decision-makers and government with the private and not-for-profit sectors in a public forum. Through this forum, the people of PNG are encouraged to influence discussion and debate about their future.

Tanim Graun also:

  • promotes discussion and awareness on national and regional issues that affect PNG governance
  • establishes networks and relationships across and between the Government of PNG agencies, the Australian Government and other development partners
  • raises awareness of major private sector/NGO initiatives that will have an impact on government policy and programs.

The Economic and Public Sector Program for Papua New Guinea, which encompasses Tanim Graun, is managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian Government.