Client name: Ministry of Education 

Duration: June 2013 - April 2015 

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Coffey ensured the Ministry of Education’s project remained on track for completion in Auckland’s robust urban development market. 

School live environment and asbestos brought WHS risks to forefront

We were engaged by the Ministry of Education (MoE) to manage and coordinate multiple stakeholders during the design, consent phase and construction of eight new classrooms on the existing Campbells Bay School site on the North Shore of Auckland.

MoE needed to integrate their modern learning environment mandates into the project, while ensuring the school’s Board of Trustees (BOT) was satisfied with decisions and outcomes.

To progress the project quickly, we ran the consent and tender process in parallel. However Auckland’s population growth and an influx of urban developments lengthened consent approval timelines, tightening timeframes.

Upgrades were managed in a live environment around school activities – and on a low level building platform with limited space. Three existing prefab classrooms needed to be removed to make way for new buildings.

The discovery of asbestos in existing structures also brought health and safety risks to the forefront.

Robust stakeholder management 

We managed the building design process to ensure the expectations of stakeholders were met – maximising the footprint of the building and meeting MoE’s modern learning environment requirements. 

Our robust stakeholder management process provided a proactive and inclusive platform for communication and discussion, ensuring the needs and expectations of both MoE and the BOT were met.

Having worked on similar projects for MoE, we understood their specific requirements to separate building and site specific costs – meeting budgetary rules and facilitating a streamlined working relationship.

We ran the consent and tender process in parallel and held a consent pre-lodgement meeting to clarify council specific requirements. A complete and coordinated response was submitted within required timeframes – securing approved building consent quickly and efficiently.

Our ISO accredited project management framework allowed us to manage contingency funds and keep construction works within budget.

And procurement of five temporary classrooms from other schools allowed a business as usual environment during the construction phase.  

We constructed a series of ramps and bridges to maintain accessibility to the new lower level buildings and safely removed and disposed of old asbestos structures in accordance with MoE guidelines and NES standards – protecting those on-site and on neighbouring properties from health and safety risks.

On-budget design addressed every stakeholder’s specifications

We provided a clear and simple design and construction approach to meet both the school, and our client’s needs – on budget and in line with modern learning environment requirements. 

The successful development and integration of eight new classrooms within the existing building is providing greater capacity for the school to meet their students’ educational needs into the future.