When Lyttleton Port of Christchurch decided to reclaim 34ha of land over soft ground to construct a new 700m wharf in a seismically active environment they needed a robust detailed design to make it all possible. 

The Coffey team in New Zealand have been in the role of specialist geotechnical consulting since early 2014.  They have provided concept design through to complete the stage 1 detailed geotechnical design of the land reclamation and proposed wharf structures over soft ground in a seismically active environment.

Through their work they have accelerated the expected consolidation settlement and achieve a cost-effective wharf structure in the proposed development timeframe.

Our senior design team, made up of Ching Dai, Andrew Hutchinson, Ioannis Antonopoulos and Chris Thompson produced a paper that that summaries the key steps in the analysis development and outlines the innovation of the land reclamation design at the Port. 

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Building up the designed surcharge fill