20141210 Easy collection and interpretation of your borehole dataContentCollecting borehole data from difficult to access areas along a road or railway is costly and often presents logistical challenges.

What if you could have your instrumentation data at your fingertips when you want it?

Borehole instruments installed in or around roads and railways usually require traffic management so that the data can be retrieved safely. This access comes at a price, and over the life of a project the costs incurred for acquiring data from these instruments can be significant.

A likely outcome of these financial and logistical issues is that data is collected less frequently than required. This can slow down responsiveness to changes affecting design or stability. Valuable data can also be lost or not recorded if equipment failure goes unnoticed.

A customised solution

There is no need to stop traffic. Using wireless networks (such as 3G) we collect and securely store the instrument data. We then provide customised presentation on our web service to give you the information you need in a format that makes decision making quick and easy. This can be delivered to your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Borehole instruments (e.g. piezometers, inclinometers and even water quality meters) are connected to a data logger situated inside the collar of the borehole, and data is transmitted using an antenna mounted in the borehole cover.

The selection of instrument sensors, data loggers and telemetry solutions are optimised to meet your project needs. From concept through installation to data interpretation, we offer a customised instrumentation and monitoring service.

Project efficiency goes up and costs fall when smart solutions are used to translate and deliver your data.

We can solve your instrumentation hassles – contact Matthew Farrington at matthew.farrington@coffey.com or on +61 3 9290 7000

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