The safety of our people, clients and contractors is at the core of everything we do. We proactively manage health and safety risks through concise, simple and effective management techniques – safeguarding the future of your people and business.

At Coffey we strive to lead the way through safety innovation. We’ve tailored our laboratories and our processes to create a safer and more efficient working environment, for you and for us.

We offer IEC/ISO17025  IANZ accredited testing laboratories across New Zealand  – all equipped with the latest technology.

Backsafe training

Most back injuries can be prevented through completion of manual handling training, and the proper use of injury prevention techniques. Our training provides employees with the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe.

Field awareness training

We’ve developed training modules for our technicians who work outdoors that address exclusion zone risk, stop work authority and hazard and situational awareness. We also teach our technicians appropriate communication protocols, to ensure safety risks are addressed and reported – minimising future risk to others.

Risk assessment – Take 5

The Take 5 process is an informal risk assessment tool which can be performed by an employee to identify, assess and control potential hazards. This simple process could prevent an injury to you or your colleagues.