When you're working with challenging below ground conditions and need a clear picture of the environment that you’re working with we perform the advanced geotechnical tests to help you from chemical testing, particle-size analysis to permeability tests.

From routine geotechnical testing to the production of highly specialist test data, we can address a range of industry challenges.

Our technical experts conduct tailored and specialised tests to address unique and unpredictable environments – assisting with both geotechnical design and the safety of operations. 

By determining the mix of sand, silt or clay in the soil we can establish the predicted behaviour of soils in a geotechnical design.

And can ascertain the permeability of soils for water retaining structures, and landfill leachate containment systems to ensure design are set for safe operations.

Our specialty tests include:

  • triaxial compression tests
  • consolidation tests
  • permeability tests


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