Using our extensive network of geotechnical laboratories our testing services provide construction materials testing to support design and construction teams with their challenges around geotechnical conditions and construction material. 

At Coffey, we provide our clients with deep insights into the properties of the materials they’re dealing with. We apply specialised testing and analysis services, using international best practice and conformance standards to achieve detailed, quality results.

Our clients choose us for our integrated solutions and our ability to effectively mobilise resources – for routine testing through to major projects.

As one of Australia’s largest construction materials testing providers, we have been delivering testing services to the transport infrastructure, oil and gas and mining industries for over 50 years.

Material testing is designed to make sure that materials meet quality control standards, comply with regulations and exhibit the physical characteristics required for construction. 

We provide independent NATA and IANZ accredited testing services.

An established testing network

With over 50 years of experience we have millions of tests under our belt – and we have developed an established network of permanent and site-specific testing facilities located across Australia.

Our onsite or remote laboratory services operate in some of Australia’s most remote locations – improving accessibility and providing quicker results.

Best practice, always

Safety is our priority – so, on every project and work site we implement our ‘safety-first’ work practices and monitor OH&S compliance.

And we’re committed to our testing accuracy. Continuous advancement of technology and active involvement in testing research and development keeps our testing technicians at the forefront of the industry.

This also involves staying up to date with local requirements – and we’ve ensured appropriate accreditation in the regions where we operate.

Reporting and recording systems enable improved efficiency and accuracy of tests, drawing on past projects and current results to achieve detailed project understanding.

Also, with the ability to conduct such a broad range of construction materials testing with a single provider, there’s a clearer overall picture – saving time and cost.

Lean testing laboratories

Efficiency is critical in the timely delivery of testing results – so we’ve applied lean business management methodology to our testing labs.

The lean methodology focuses on creating value for our clients through continual process improvement – exploring client needs and business goals, evaluating current processes and then introducing efficiency into these processes – minimising the time and cost of delivery.