Defence manages a large portfolio of technically complex facilities. Upgrades and new buildings are often delivered in operational environments, requiring close cooperation and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders.

We take a client focussed approach to identify the key objectives for each project. This provides the basis to drive design development, balancing the competing needs of different stakeholder groups and managing scope throughout delivery.

We have excellent knowledge of the government approvals process, from strategic business case and detailed business case preparation to Parliamentary Works Committee approvals.

Under the Defence Infrastructure Panel (DIP) Coffey provides Project Management and Contract Administration and Initial Business Case (IBC) services.

Initial Business Case

As the primary planning and feasibility document that underpins major capital and infrastructure works investment by Defence we know that the IBC must be comprehensive, cost assured and risk assessed.

In undertaking the IBC role, our core principles include a thorough understanding of, and consistent approach to each project, effective project management, robust stakeholder consultation, strong strategic focus and leadership and open and honest relationships and communication.

Coffey’s experience team understands the processes required to drive the timely and successful delivery of the IBC.  Our thorough approach ensures the IBC is accurate and reliable so Defence can be confident their decisions are based on a realistic assessment of the project feasibility and it facilitates reliable forecasting of capital facilities funds.

Project Management and Contract Administration services

Coffey’s approach to the Project Management and Contract Administration (PMCA) role, incorporates the lessons learnt over 25 years of delivering successful projects for Defence and proven on projects as diverse as the NACC Facilities Project, Base Security Improvement Program, Space Surveillance Telescope Project, Base Engineering Assessment Program and NAMW Program.

Our project management is based on well-defined and executed project management processes, supported by strong leadership skills – these are critical to establishing a project culture where the team is focussed on strategic objectives, are aware of key risks and where innovation thrives. Our quality assurance (QA) framework sets out a comprehensive approach to project management, which is tailored to DEQMS and other Defence requirements. We’ve developed a highly detailed methodology to ensure Defence enjoys the benefits of this approach and a consistent level of service across all of our projects.

We provide smart solutions for probity management, procurement strategies, funding, stakeholder management, community relations and publicity, scheduling, procurement and delivery management.  Our experienced, specialist staff work in close cooperation with all stakeholders – advising on government approval processes and maintaining a client focussed approach to delivery.

The benefit of our approach is that Defence can be assured they’re working with a team with the right attitude and culture, backed by processes that ensure a service is scalable, consistent and reliable across multiple regions and on multiple projects.

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