Water scarcity and flood events, although seemingly at opposite ends of the scale, are both increasingly becoming major issues for communities.

Dam safety reviews and the maintenance of existing water retention dams is needed not only to meet required regulations but to improve storage capability and operate at a high level of safety. The risks involved in the failure of a dam can be catastrophic, so it’s important to have a detailed understanding of foundation conditions.

Dam safety reviews and upgrading of existing assets are technically challenging projects that require robust and often innovative solutions. At Coffey we routinely undertake dam safety reviews and surveillance programs as well as assisting with the upgrade and maintenance of water retention dams. We are at the forefront of understanding geotechnical site limitations and use our experience to propose developments that reduce cost and increase safety.

Our geotechnical specialists bring dam safety review expertise and a strong understanding of the subsurface conditions and their existing limitations. We provide clear geotechnical modelling of the foundation conditions, which is paramount to the safety and performance of the structure for years to come.

Water storage dams by virtue of their requirements are generally constructed across existing rivers – often following irregular geological features like faults and lithological boundaries. Our team can provide the comprehensive three dimensional understanding of the site geology required to tackle the challenge of constructing a ‘water tight’ foundation across a fault line.

We provide comprehensive dam safety review, geotechnical investigation, design and construction solutions for all types - earth dams, earth and rock fill dams, concrete faced rock fill and roller compacted concrete dams. We also deliver foundation solutions for all types of concrete dams.

We are associate members of the Australian Commission on Large Dams, Canadian Dam Association and International Commission on Large Dams. Our team participates in various world forums that discuss state-of-the-art design and construction practices to drive continuous improvement and better solutions for our clients.