All major construction sites needs temporary works solutions. If these are poorly planned, designed or constructed they can represent considerable risk - ranging from the failure or collapse of temporary and permanent works through to possible damage to adjacent premises.  

At Coffey we develop designs that take into account the particular challenges of your site and project. Working closely with contractors we provide cost and time effective solutions which address the specific risks for each project. A safe and well designed solution results in efficiency, quality, timeliness and reduced costs.

Slope and excavation stability

Our team is highly experienced in delivering stability assessments for rock and soil cuts. We’re able to respond at short notice to inspect temporary excavations. Our practical solutions are based on collaborative risk management and construction requirements. In many cases, we can remove the requirement for remedial works by developing modified construction methodologies.

Ground retention and shoring

Our team has a wealth of experience in delivering innovative and cost effective ground retention solutions. We explore various options with the contractor before developing a solution that is right for that site, providing technical support during construction and reassessment of the solution should things change on site such as duration or loading conditions.

Working platforms for cranes and piling rigs

We routinely complete working platform assessments for cranes and piling rigs. Our team is very familiar with the investigation and assessment process - allowing us to deliver these services quickly and cost effectively. When there are challenges like high loads, adjacent slopes, soft soils, water courses, culverts, pavements or structures, our team is well equipped to make assessments and offer support - from investigation through to certification.

Foundations and piling

Our team can take these foundations and piles from initial concept, through investigation and into detailed assessment of geotechnical design requirements. We work collaboratively with the structural engineers to deliver RPEQ certified drawings for construction. For complex issues we can draw on the skills of our specialist deep foundation team.

Control of surface and groundwater

Our groundwater team routinely undertakes seepage and dewatering assessments for construction projects to make sure that structures are not undermined. We also undertake insitu testing to evaluate ground permeability and install and monitor piezometers so that accurate measurements of the groundwater condition can be made.

Value engineering

Our specialist teams deliver positive outcomes for our clients with value engineering. This ranges from avoiding the rework of embankments to developing alternate ground improvement strategies or the redesign of rock support requirements - all saving time and cost.