Groundwater is a precious resource and an important element of any project. It needs to be both protected and managed to ensure it doesn’t impact on the stability of the project or create damage.

Underground space groundwater management

The management of groundwater during the construction and operation of underground structures, such as deep basements and tunnels, is complicated.

We’ll develop cost effective drainage and groundwater control measures, and manage any potential adverse impacts by integrating practical groundwater skills and geotechnical expertise.

Key issues we focus on include the prediction of the rate of groundwater ingress, prediction of maximum water pressures, management and disposal of groundwater inflows, design of dewatering and drainage systems, and securing of regulatory approvals.

Mine groundwater management

In all locations, groundwater is a critical resource. Mines are often in areas where groundwater is either scarce or is relied upon for irrigation and town water supplies, making the prediction of groundwater inflow to mines an important aspect of mine planning.

Our specialist team has experience in the prediction of groundwater inflow to open cut and underground mines, resolving the interdependence of design elements such as tailings design, the layout of the mine infrastructure, and pit scheduling and operations, as well as assessing the impacts of mine dewatering on groundwater resources, mine geotechnical designs and the environment. We use state-of-the-art numerical models and employ analytical methods to provide a sound basis for decision making and support applications for approvals.

Coal seam gas groundwater management

Our team works with coal seam gas companies to evaluate groundwater impacts associated with proposed developments and provide a clear understanding of any critical issues. We have developed guidance and information documents for the Australian Government on groundwater modelling for coal seam gas projects and for prediction and measurement of subsidence associated with coal seam gas operations.