All developments have some level of interaction with the ground. It’s this interaction that poses much of a project’s time and cost risk, at construction through to operation.   

Gaining a clear understanding of the ground conditions and how they impact the development is key to the success of any project.

At Coffey we have an integrated and experienced team of geotechnical engineers and geoscience professionals with expertise in site investigation and ground interpretation. Our team utilises techniques ranging from mapping and geological interpretation to sophisticated geophysics. Choosing from this wide range of techniques our team provides quality and tailored solutions to our clients - always delivering a service commensurate with the complexity of the ground and development.

We develop engineering geological models that allow us to effectively identify and communicate geotechnical risks and develop better mitigation strategies. 

Wherever we work we have deep knowledge of local ground conditions, and how the soils and rock will behave under a proposed development.

Our team will reduce a project’s ground risk and provide better engineering design solutions.