Areas at risk of earthquakes have a multitude of geotechnical engineering challenges. Buildings and structures need to be designed to be safe in the face of the potentially destructive force - the intensity or timing of which is unknown.

In areas affected by an earthquake, these challenges change and grow rapidly. High market demand, rising material prices, stricter building codes and overly conservative engineering can make geotechnical and foundation solutions costly.

Our large team of seismic and geotechnical specialists provide affordable and constructible solutions for buildings in earthquake prone areas or for earthquake damaged properties or structures.

From the initial ground interpretation and analysis through to design and construction support, our team is able to manage your risks and deliver tailored solutions.

Working for and on behalf of our clients

We work extremely hard to gain a detailed understanding of each client’s challenges and deliver solutions that fit their conditions, project timeframe and budget. We ensure that our clients have the entire picture and are kept in the loop throughout the process.

We make sure there are no surprises along the way and  work collaboratively with the design team to ensure final outcomes are timely, appropriate and cost effective.

Foundation design

Uncertainty around the likelihood or severity of an earthquake can cause overly conservative engineering and geotechnical solutions - meaning foundations become extremely costly in seismically active areas. 

Our team provide pragmatic geotechnical solutions.  Wherever we work, we bring a detailed knowledge of the local geology and how it influences ground conditions and the engineering properties of subsurface soils. By working closely with structural engineers, we ensure foundations are compatible with the structure and all relevant foundation loadings are accounted for.

Our experienced team provides cost-effective foundation solutions in liquefiable ground. We understand the possible impact of earthquakes on surrounding geotechnical structures like shallow and deep foundations, slopes, embankments and retaining structures.  

Earthquake rebuild

The sheer scale and severity of earthquake damage often makes it hard to get people back into their homes quickly.  Our team spans the globe and we can mobilise quickly to deliver timely solutions. When more stringent regulatory conditions are introduced after an earthquake event, we employ a risk based approach to deliver tailored solutions to suit a site’s conditions.

The assessment of deep foundations after an earthquake is particularly problematic and expensive. Our team has developed a non-intrusive method for assessing the condition of deep foundations.  We check the structural integrity of the piled foundations so structural engineers can assess if the whole building, above and below ground, is safe, meets code requirements and can safely withstand a future earthquake.