It’s often said that most of a project’s risk lies in the ground.

Developing solutions to manage these risks is what drives our team. 

By using geotechnical tools and methodologies we define, quantify, analyse and predict the behaviour of what lies beneath the surface.  We assess what effects the ground will have on built structures – or what effects works could have on their surroundings.

We bring more than 50 years of geotechnical engineering experience to solve problems that others can’t - we think outside the box and help our clients to deliver their projects successfully. We take great care to hone and nurture the passion, knowledge and expertise that rest with our people to instill a culture of collaboration and ingenuity.

From feasibility  to construction and asset management, and across all industries, our team has contributed to some of the most complex projects around the globe.

We were involved in the foundation design for the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and designed the 770m long perimeter diaphragm wall for the basement at Barangaroo South in Sydney.

Our team is assessing landslides, slope stability and ground movement risks to infrastructure for Network Rail UK.  We work with governments in developing countries to rehabilitate and maintain paved and unpaved roads.

Slope stability analysis for BHP Billiton in the Pilbara resulted in slope angles between 8° and 10° steeper than originally proposed and the opportunity to optimise the resource potential and project economics.  We also managed the site investigation for one of Australia’s largest LNG plants, involving more than 100 marine and land boreholes and 65 test pits – providing reliable data and engineering advice to assist our client’s decision making process.

No matter the size or scope we deliver solutions that save money, save time and manage risk.