Around the world, asset developers and owners, construction and design engineering firms are increasingly appreciating the benefits of Building Information Modelling/Management (BIM). At Coffey, we use BIM to help our clients reduce asset construction and operating costs, produce efficient construction programs and ensure projects meet health and safety as well as quality expectations.

BIM is about coordinating and visualising project designs, assisting in construction sequencing and planning, producing accurate real time as built documents, asset management and maintenance documents. In the vertical construction sector in particular, the design process has historically lacked the discipline and engineering integration found in other sectors.

At Coffey we understand what BIM means to you whether you’re a designer, developer, constructor or an asset owner. Sound data management from the outset is what drives efficiency, reduces risk and the likelihood of costly mistakes and rework. Adopting BIM practices, standards and tools is fast becoming the way to do business and manage your projects.

With the right data and know-how, your project can begin to take shape virtually –helping to resolve design limitations before they have an impact in the field.

We’ll work with you to establish how to use data, as well as visualisation tools, that meet BIM standards to improve your project planning and outcomes.

Our solutions include:

  • evaluation of your existing processes, advice and recommendation on developing ‘future proof’ BIM capabilities and systems in house, and operator training to get you ’BIM ready’
  • design management using BIM to ensure the final design can be built to the original budget, without the need for last minute ‘value engineering’ or construction issues leading to costly variations.
  • clash detection
  • Coffey BIM application that integrates effectively with all major design, scheduling and BIM programs currently in the market
  • a flexible resource that you can turn on and off to meet the needs of your projects and business
  • integrated visualisation solutions that combine multiple models, geographies and project data into a single, virtual environment for greater collaboration and understanding

Our services include:

  • Architectural, Structural, MEP, Infrastructure BIM Management - LOD300/400/500
  • Engineered Visualisation and Virtual Reality Solutions 
  • Design and Shop level Drawings generation
  • Steel Model detailing and Fabrication drawings
  • Clash Detection and Constructability Analysis
  • Cost and Quantity Estimation through BIM
  • Construction Management (4D & 5D Simulation)
  • BIM for Facility Management (6D)
  • Parametric BIM Component Modelling (families)
  • As-built BIM Modelling through Laser Scanning (Scan to BIM)