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Tara Halliday

Principal Environmental and Social Consultant

+61 8 8901 1202 +61 403 557 210
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I’m a Principal Environmental and Social Consultant and the Technical Community Leader for our Environmental and Social Services group. I’m also the Group Leader for the environmental group in the Northern Territory in Australia. With over 15 years’ experience, I’ve worked across a broad range of projects in the mining, oil and gas and infrastructure industries, both in Australia and globally.

My areas of expertise include the direction, management and preparation of environmental and social impact assessments, environmental auditing and technical review and the development of effective, client-focussed, environmental management systems and plans. I also have experience in the development or review of life of asset planning for mining, oil and gas and infrastructure projects, as well as stakeholder consultation and engagement, and strategic environmental advice. I’ve worked on projects in Brazil, Chile, China, Indonesia, Iraq, Laos, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, the United States and across Australia. I’ve completed over 20 audits or technical and due diligence reviews in eight different countries, including Australia.

I get a thrill out of collaborating with clients and other stakeholders and using my experience and strategic thinking to develop innovative solutions that work.