Michael Norman Profile - geotechncial engineer

Michael Norman

Operations Manager Geotechnics NSW

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I am a Principal with more than 30 years of experience in geotechnical consulting in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. I have broad experience across a number of disciplines and markets including roads, dams, bridge foundations, railways, buildings and earthworks. I’m passionate about making a difference in civil infrastructure projects.

As part of the leadership team for a number of Alliance projects I was provided opportunities to push the boundaries and align ingenuity with the owner’s appetite for risk. These include large scale infrastructure projects in the public sector with partners from consultants and contractors. I’ve worked extensively on Design & Construct projects where my main aim is always to develop best for project outcomes by collaborating with contractors.

Recent Projects I have worked on include the Waikato Expressway, Hamilton Section (NZ), SH 16 Causeway Project in Auckland (NZ) and the 407 East Expressway in Toronto Canada.

I strongly believe in the specialist geosciences model that Coffey offers allowing the creation of value for our clients from the risks and opportunities that ground presents. We embrace intelligent risk, which means providing solutions with mitigation measures, that on the scale of conservative to aggressive is consistent with an appropriate assessed level of risk.

I am proud of the innovation that Coffey brings to projects that enable the contractors to win and deliver effectively.