Ports are vital nodes in our economic infrastructure, directly affecting prosperity and growth. They need to be developed and expanded as demand grows. Our port and marine experts have the experience and expertise in managing challenging projects that can be full of risk.

Many of a port’s different elements must be able to operate 24/7 - often in harsh onshore and offshore environments. Design must support extreme performance requirements. Foundations are built in shifting seabeds. Construction and operation can damage sensitive – often protected – marine ecosystems.

Our team of experienced project managers, environmental consultants, geotechnical engineers, geophysicists and technicians will help you make the right decisions throughout each stage of your port project. Our expertise, experience and advice will reduce risk and prevent cost blow-outs and delays.

Early collaboration with experts in the feasibility stage of your project will help you make sound decisions that support your construction and ultimate port efficiency. Our specialists will give you all the information you need to understand and decide on:

  • Project scoping and structuring
  • Site selection
  • Ground condition risks

To support your planning process, our team will use risk management techniques to identify and tackle problems before they arise. These will include identifying areas for saving time, through detailed programming. It’ll also give you accurate data, expert analysis and sound advice around the following risk issues:

  • Ground conditions
  • Environmental impacts
  • Oil spills
  • Dredging and reclamation
  • Authority requirements

Port infrastructure design is extremely varied each element and environment is unique, requiring a specific approach or combination of approaches – all demanding different expertise. We support the design process with the following services:

  • Risk analysis
  • Cost control
  • Foundation design
  • Dredging and reclamation design
  • Heavy duty pavement design
  • Environmental design implications

Ports need to be highly functional, with minimum downtime. They need smart solutions and constant monitoring for safety and environmental issues. During construction our experts will help you manage:

  • Construction timelines, cost and quality parameters
  • Environmental risks
  • Onsite worker safety
  • Unfavourable or unexpected ground or seabed conditions
  • Sediment disposal
  • Potential reuse of dredging material  
  • Instrumentation and geotechnical and environmental monitoring

During operations and maintenance our expertise will support you with:

  • Pavement serviceability and maintenance
  • Environmental monitoring and management
  • Health and safety management
  • Maintenance dredging