A strong civil society can make real and lasting change in the community. Well organised civil society helps citizens to better voice their needs, advocate change in government policy and law, and organise to solve problems in their community.

Coffey works with partners to mentor, coach and train civil society organisations to make them stronger, more effective and sustainable. Whether it’s creating better collaboration to support fairer justice systems or tackling critical health issues, our experts use assessment and other tools to create local ownership within civil society groups. As we facilitate the process, these groups begin to understand their issues and create workable solutions, using improved planning, management and communications approaches.


  • support the work of civil society organisations through the distribution of grant funds and capacity building
  • work with civil society to foster public policy debate, improve government accountability and promote government responsiveness to citizens’ needs
  • promote learning between civil society organisations by building networks and organising forums
  • monitor and evaluate civil society projects as well as the mechanisms used by donors to support civil society



  • Stronger civil society, better prospects for Syria's people