20150731 Tanim Graun sports for development 370x298Using organised sports to build leadership capacity in developing nations will be the topic of today’s televised Tanim Graun discussion in Papua New Guinea.

Tanim Graun is a regular, televised debate and discussion forum put together by the Economic and Public Sector Program, run by Coffey on behalf of the Australian Government.

It brings together the public, community and private sectors to solve development issues.

Today’s panellists will include champion weight lifter Dika Toua, PNG NRL General Manager Mark Mom and United Nations Resident Co-ordinator Roy Trivedy.

Large sporting events are increasingly seen as a way to inspire all, including those with limited resources. Sport can promote gender equality, social integration, peace-building and conflict resolution.

Development professionals are also recognising the skills needed for sport are similar to those needed for successful leadership, such as determination, persistence, self-belief and a positive, respectful attitude towards others.