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Coffey’s American operation MSI helps to have a safe venue to engage on Georgian governance issues through Centers for Civic Engagement. Our USAID-funded project reaches out to women through a popular network of women’s clubs in 10 regions throughout Georgia.

From a grass roots activity in the remote regions of Georgia, the women’s club initiative has grown into a national network.

The club attracts the engagement of high profile women, including representatives from the diplomatic community as well as the current Minister of Justice. The minister delivered an inspiring keynote address at the first annual National Women’s Conference held in Tbilisi in November of last year.

Promoting awareness of women’s health issues, the women’s clubs have hosted a series of talks on breast cancer. This year, they will be collaborating with the Avon Corporation to expand its popular “walk for cancer.”

The women’s network group has also addressed installing speed bumps near elementary schools, the best gender-sensitive results-based management techniques and ways to remove social stigmas that discourage women from participating in the political processes.