Stories from the people of AcehContentAn eBook based in Aceh, Indonesia, featuring stories from locals about improving living standards through Australian aid has been recently released to mark the end of the program.

Following the December 2004 tsunami which hit Aceh the hardest, the Australian Government funded and led key activities to support the Acehnese government and communities to regain their physical and mental resilience.

The Local Governance Innovations for Communities in Aceh – Phase 2 program, was managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian Government. Logica 2 assisted provincial and district governments in Aceh to improve living standards in health, education and family wellbeing through effective service delivery.

Now finished, the program’s reach was significant, with more than 800 local villages receiving support and funding.

In the Logica 2 eBook the people of Aceh generously share their stories.