20141031 Sinead Magill wins Women of the Future Award contentCoffey Managing Principal and Business Development Manager Sinead Magill has won the Women of the Future business category award.

The awards, now in their ninth year, recognise the achievements of young women in the UK working in a variety of sectors, including infrastructure, technology, arts, science and media.
Sinead won in the business category for her extensive work in the international development industry.

Sinead’s nomination highlighted not only her business acumen but also the impact of her work on communities around the world. She has managed and overseen programs to improve public service delivery in Afghanistan, provided job opportunities in Iraq, and empowered community activists in Syria, among many others.

“This award recognises how unique the work we do at Coffey is,” Sinead said.

“I still finding it amazing that over the past 10 years, I’ve been allowed to fly in military helicopters over Baghdad, I’ve been given the opportunity to design a major post conflict recovery program in Northern Uganda and have played a role in supporting security structures in Afghanistan.”

Sinead began her career at Coffey as a consultant on a large-scale program in southern Iraq. She then helped establish our stabilisation and recovery team, which eventually became our governance, security and justice practice. The practice grew significantly during Sinead’s leadership, helping cement her promotion to Business Development Manager earlier this year.

“When I started my career in international development, women in the industry were a rarity. I’ve seen that change over the past five years.

“Women are playing an increasingly prominent role in development, not just in addressing the specific needs of women in developing communities but in shaping national policy and leading large-scale programs. I’m looking forward to supporting the next stream of women of the future coming out of Coffey.”

General Manager for International Development in Europe Kit Black congratulated Sinead on her achievement.

“Sinead is a great role model for both young women and men. She is a rare combination of substance, passion, strength of character and intellect,” he said.

“She’s already packed considerable experience into her 34 years. I can see her going much further still.”