With Coffey’s support, the Government of Sierra Leone has launched a corruption reporting platform. Since its launch in December, over 8000 people have used the ‘Pay No Bribe’ platform to report incidents of bribery by phone, on a website or through a mobile app. Sierra Leone Pay No Bribe

The app is proving the most popular. Of the 8285 total complaints to date 6520 have been made this way.

The Government of Sierra Leone will use the data gathered to design national anti-corruption policies and to support ministries, departments and agencies in tackling corruption. For example, it will be able to see in which sectors and regions corruption is the highest, and to target efforts there.

According to Transparency International, Sierra Leone has some of the highest rates of corruption in the world. As elsewhere, corruption exacerbates the country’s already serious development challenges. The UK government is supporting the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone, including through this Coffey-managed project.

In addition to helping the Government of Sierra Leone develop the anti-bribery platform, Coffey is providing training and on-the-job assistance to staff at Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission, so that the commission can be more effective at tackling and prosecuting against both petty and grand corruption. With this support, the commission has been able to increase its investigation of grand corruption cases, with four being investigated at the moment.

Photo: Communities are being shown how to report bribery through the Pay No Bribe platform.