Promoting peace through civil society in SyriaWEBSince November 2012, Coffey has trained Syrian civil society professionals on how to take an active role in resolving the conflict peacefully. 

Through five workshops, our experts have promoted cross–community understanding and worked to strengthen the capacity of emerging Syrian NGOs. 

Our project team was eager to move the training inside Syria to amplify the impact. In the last workshop, a total of 51 civil society professionals participated in the two-day workshop, coming from 17 villages and towns around Edlib, Hamma, Allepo and Damascus.
“It was absolutely challenging but at the same time fulfilling to bring organizations that have different backgrounds… to work together under one common goal,” said Hisham Jabi, Coffey and MSI Technical Director. “And this common goal is to really provide their communities with basic services and support far away from any political agenda.”
Because of the workshop’s success, participants have asked for further workshops on building civil society. The workshops were in partnership with two NGOs, Watan and Building Syria State. The project team will host a large-scale conference in Turkey. 
Given the success of the project, MSI and Coffey received an extension to assist selected Syrian NGOs. The team will provide mentoring support to help the NGOs design, implement and monitor the delivery of community-based intervention. 
In this new phase, our team will collaborate with the NGOs to learn from their challenges and to design tailored packages of technical support and training. This add-on project will support the organizations in their management resources, monitoring and evaluation, human resources, financial resources and external outreach.