20150330 NSW infrastructure plan to drive innovation agendaContentNew South Wales should seize the opportunity to use planned infrastructure projects to drive Australia’s innovation agenda, fostering new thinking and collaboration in the delivery of government projects.

Coffey Managing Director John Douglas said this weekend’s state election result gave the state a long-term infrastructure agenda that would encourage global organisations to invest in innovation in the state.

He said the engineering sector had a strong track record of delivering cost savings and improved outcomes on infrastructure projects.

“As an Australian-based, global organisation, we have specialists delivering outstanding innovation and smart solutions all over the world,” John said.

“A long-term, sustained focus on infrastructure in NSW will allow the private sector to focus its efforts and resources right here, helping to drive innovation and deliver better results for taxpayers.”

“We’re looking forward to working with both our public and private sector clients to support the development of genuine innovation as Rebuilding NSW is implemented.”

John said the infrastructure debate during the NSW election campaign highlighted the importance of a clear policy agenda, and the weekend’s result now provides an opportunity for implementing a long-term plan for the state.

“A defined pipeline of work and plan for the future will help build business confidence to invest their people and skills in the state – and ensure its infrastructure projects offer the best solutions for taxpayers, and the government,” John said.

“This not only benefits NSW in the short-term, it supports productivity and innovation in Australia more broadly.”

Coffey has worked on a range of transport infrastructure and property projects in New South Wales throughout its history.

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