20150303 Maternal deaths reduced by 40in Nusa Tenggara Province IndonesiaContentAs International Women’s Day approaches, Coffey takes a look at some of our projects and the women who are forging new ground in their communities.

Fewer mothers are dying during childbirth in Nusa Tenggara Province as a result of a successful maternal and neonatal health program.

In the five years up to 2014, there have been approximately 40% less maternal deaths reported across the 14 districts where the program is active.

The Australian Indonesia Partnership for Maternal and Neonatal Health, managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian Government, has been working with the Indonesian Government since 2009 to reduce preventable maternal and neonatal deaths.

To date the program has increased access to emergency obstetric care, increased the proportion of births taking place in health facilities to 72%, up from 42% over a four year period, and supported eleven district hospitals to become capable of providing 24/7 emergency obstetric and neonatal care.