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The largest ever delivery of infrastructure materials in the history of the Kokoda Initiative Development Program has just been completed in the Kokoda Track region.

Almost 240 tonnes of building and hardware materials have been sent by helicopter and road to Kokoda, Kanga, Efogi, Isurava and Abuari.

The delivery includes four double classrooms, two staff houses, an Aid Post, 34 toilets, eight water tanks and six incinerators.

More than 18,000 people will benefit from improved sanitation, waste disposal and access to fresh water. More than 300 students in the Kokoda region will have increased access to quality education from the building of the permanent classrooms and accommodation for teachers.

“We are so excited to see all the materials arrive and building start on classrooms and teacher accommodation. This is really going to help the teachers and boost enrolment numbers in the school,” said teacher-in-charge at Kanga Primary School in Oro Province Jessy Susuve.

More than 100 local villagers will be employed to assist in delivering the projects.

“I welcome the influx of building projects in our region. They are very important not only for improving the health and education but in helping stimulate the economy in the area by employing many local people,” said Chairman for Education and Social Services, Oro Provincial Council, Mr Herbert Isemba.

The Kokoda Initiative is a partnership between Australia and Papua New Guinea to protect the Kokoda track, Brown River Catchment and Owen Stanley Range while improving the lives of the people living along the track and surrounding areas.

View the Kokoda Initiative Development Program video. 

Coffey manages development of the Kokoda region as part of the Kokoda Initiative through the Provincial and Local-level Governments Program.