20150917 Improving gender equality in PNG through citizen led action research 370x298

As we continue to acknowledge this year’s International Day of Democracy we look at an innovative action research project in Abau District in Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Central Province which aims to improve gender equality through a citizen led movement. The project has been initiated by two Coffey-managed, Australian Government programs in PNG.

The Economic and Public Sector Program and the Provincial and Local-level Governments Program’s research team worked with a locally trained facilitator from the district to pilot this project. The Abu District was selected as the trial research site by the PNG Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs as it was remote, yet accessible by road, and was relatively well functioning.

Action research is a mechanism that involves people with a common interest, working together to identify and understand problems and solutions

This was the first time action research has been used by the team to look at gender equity and social inclusion, with previous research focusing on teachers and classroom practices.

The research team will visit the district on five occasions during 2015 to work with participants to identify issues, develop and introduce actions and assess the use of mobile technology as a mechanism to promote gender equality and social inclusion to men and women throughout remote regions in PNG.