Coffey senior principal Tony Scott will present and take part in an in-depth panel discussion on assessing and managing asbestos at the opening pre-conference masterclass of EcoForum in Queensland today.

The discussion will delve into the latest thinking on assessing, remediating and managing asbestos in soils. More than 90 delegates have registered for masterclass, promising lively discussion on the issue.

This is just the first of several sessions Coffey people will participate in across the three day environmental conference.

Our people will also chair discussions on implementing the new Ecological Investigation Levels as part of last year’s National Environmental Protection Measures amendments; remediation technologies and techniques; regulatory and legal auditing associated with contaminated sites; acid sulfate soils; and remediation delivery models and managing risk.

We’ll also be presenting our insights on in-situ remediation case studies and taking part in the urban renewal session, which will explore the challenges, solutions and successes of regenerating contaminated former industrial land into vital new communities as part of the revitalisation of our inner city areas.

Coffey is sponsoring a number of sessions at the conference. For more information on our environmental management services, click here