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Last Thursday, March 16, Professor Harry Poulos received the American Society of Civil Engineers Lifetime Achievement in Design Award.

Harry is a highly respected engineer and mentor and an international thought leader in geotechnical engineering and foundation design.

“Harry has been an integral part of the fabric of our geotechnical team here at Coffey and, as this award attests to, of the entire industry” said Ron Chu, Chief Executive Officer.  “He has always been committed to nurturing the passion and expertise of our team and has been central to supporting a culture of collaboration and ingenuity within the business. Congratulations Harry for this distinguished and well deserved honour”.

Harry's pioneering work in pile foundation analysis and design enables geotechnical specialists to better understand the way structures interact with the ground. He is particularly known for developing design methods for piled raft foundations, which combines the benefits of shallow and deep foundations to support high-rise buildings in many parts of the world. His contributions to large-scale projects can be found in modern, iconic structures around the world. He has designed foundations for supertall structures including Dubai’s Emirates Twin Towers and the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building;  the Incheon 151 Tower in South Korea; residential towers in Hong Kong; and other buildings in Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, Indonesia, and here in Australia.

Harry teaches as an adjunct professor for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and serves as professor emeritus at the University of Sydney. Throughout his 36 years of teaching at the University of Sydney, Harry supervised 20 PhD students, produced more than 400 papers, and wrote three books, two of which are considered classics in geotechnical engineering and pile foundations. He frequently is requested to lecture throughout the world.

In 2014, Harry was elected by his peers as a Foreign Associate to The National Academy of Engineering (United States).  This honour is one of the highest given to an engineer globally. It acknowledges those who have made outstanding contributions to their field.

Here a recent video of Harry talking about his career and the practice of geotechnical engineering: