earth hour 370x298Every March, millions of people around the world switch their lights off for one hour to raise awareness of climate change.

This year Coffey is supporting Earth Hour by switching off our office lights from 8.30-9.30pm local time on Saturday 28 March.

As part of our Health, Safety, Security and Environment policy we strive to proactively manage our environmental impact and that of our projects.

In the field our environmental specialists bring smart, sustainable solutions to our clients’ projects. We provide project advice on meeting environmental standards and regulations and support building for a sustainable future.

At our offices we promote material recycling, endeavour to improve energy efficiency and maximise the use of low impact materials.

We’ve encouraged our people to get behind Earth Hour at home too, by switching off their lights, and considering small steps they can take to contribute to long term sustainability.

It’s about making changes now – for the future.