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Supporting the next generation in mining is important, and we have a long association with the WA School of Mines and their students.

Today, John Hearne, Manager WA Mining, will present the prizes for the 2013 academic year to third year mining students who’ve achieved the highest marks in Underground Mining Systems 332; Socio Economic Aspects of Mining 331; Mining Geomechanics 331; Mine Planning 332; and Mine Management 432.

We’d like to congratulate the following students for their achievement and wish them well in their future endeavours.

Aiden John Green (Mining Geomechanics 331)
Chad Thomas St John (Socio Environmental Aspects of Mining 331)
Mao Hui Huang (Underground Mining System 332)
He Ren (Mine Management 432)
Audie Trutwein (Mine Planning 332)