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As the Auckland Plan sets the agenda for transforming Auckland into the world’s most liveable city, demand for world class transport and property projects is growing.

Acting General Manager Geoservices New Zealand Tim Lott said Coffey had seen many changes in Auckland in the past – but the expected growth over the next 15 years would present new challenges and opportunities.

“Auckland’s urban growth sprawl has moved into unchartered territories, including land once considered too unstable for development,” Tim said.

“We need to support sustainable development as we plan for growth – and that means managing the complex and varied geological conditions of Auckland’s land.”

The first of Coffey’s drill rigs is being relocated to Auckland this week, with additional rigs to follow to support project demand.

They’ll be used in conjunction with our state of the art testing laboratory services on a range of projects.

Tim said effective testing revealed the ground conditions affecting a project’s success – and could strongly influence decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

He said the drill rigs would be used for borehole monitoring on transport and property projects, providing insights that could save time and money.

We’re documenting the first of our drill rigs’ journey from Wellington to Auckland on Twitter and Facebook - you can follow the road trip here

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